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Endorsed By:

William Widmer.jpg

Council Member

Bill Widmer 


Jerry Hill

Council Member

Mike Lempres 


Carlos Bolanos

Lennie Roberts, Legislative Advocate, Committee for Green Foothills*
Rod Hsaio, San Mateo County Board of Education*

Didi Fisher, Former Mayor Town of Atherton
John Fisher, Former Mayor, Town of Atherton
Jim Janz, Former Mayor, Town of Atherton
Jerry Carlson, Former Mayor, Town of Atherton
Malcom Dudly, Former Mayor, Town of Atherton

Randy Lamb, Planning Commision
Nerissa Dexter, Atherton Rail Committee
Bob Polito, Former Atherton Finance Committee Chair
Jim Massey, Rail Committee Member and Former Finance Committee Chair

Alex Keh, Atherton Rail Committee Chair
Paul Jones, Former Atherton Rail Committee Chair
John Ruggeiro, Former Transportation Committee
Arthur Ringham, Atherton Rail Committee
Don Way, Former Palo Alto School Board
Carol and Ned Spieker
Sandy and David Levison
Bob Hellman
Steve and Maryan Ackley
David and Elyse Barca
John Worthing
Lisa Lamb
Zack Whitman
Judy Massey
Neil Dexter
Sylvia Way

Kenneth Frederick

Carol and John Flaherty


John Ferreira, Retired Unit Chief, CAL FIRE*
Scott Jalbert, Unit & Fire Chief, CAL FIRE*
Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS

*For identification purposes only, the organization is
prohibited from endorsing political candidates.

-- Ongoing Updates --

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