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About Me:

As your Council Member, I am driven by three principles: financial prudence, public transparency and residents’ voice.  I have served as Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Council Member. I am running for re-election to continue enhancing our infrastructure and bringing state of the art services to the Town.  My broad life experiences and nearly 20 years public advocacy help me to effectively collaborate and govern with common sense.   


During my tenure on the Atherton Town Council I am the only Council Member to have never missed a council meeting or a study session -- I am committed.   I serve or have served as the Town’s representative on many local and regional committees.

With a solid financial plan and the new Civic Center under construction, my background in public-private partnerships and knowing how to manage large projects will help Atherton keep the Civic Center construction on time and on budget. 

I work hard to be accessible because I want to hear from and learn from you.  I am always available via email ( or phone (650.357.7122).  I would be honored to have your vote on November 3.  I am looking forward to continuing to work and focus on what is important to you, our residents.  

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Town Committees:

Audit and Finance Committee

Contractor's Roundtable

Transportation Committee

Rail Committee

COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee

Liaison to Menlo Park Fire District

Refuse & Recycling Sub-Committee

CalTrain MOU Ad Hoc Committee

Regional Committees:

Office of Emergency Services Council

Local Policy Makers Group (Rail Corridor)

Alternate for:

  • C/CAG Board and Legislative Committee

  • Association of Bay Area Governments Committee

Covid 19






Modern Housing Complex




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